Time for Unrest Kickstarter Campaign - Rewards Fulfillment FAQ

Surveys & Fulfillment

Our team sent out surveys on February 15, 2018, with a requested completion deadline of March 1. If you did not receive your survey, it may have been rerouted to your spam folder. Please first check your spam folder if you are trying to locate your survey. Kickstarter only allows surveys to be sent out once, so we are unable to resend any surveys.

We are grateful for every single backer, but with 1,372 total supporters, we rely heavily on the Kickstarter database to manage all of our backers’ information. As a result, we are unable to fulfill rewards without completed surveys.

Fulfillment for physical rewards is estimated for March or April, 2018, provided completed surveys are received promptly. Fulfillment for digital rewards is estimated for June, 2018.


Our website's Wall of Thanks is updated with all available names from the Kickstarter database. If you do not see yours, you may have donated via a Guest username or a pseudonym.

If you wish to add, remove, or change your name, please click on the form at the top of the Wall of Thanks page: https://www.unrest.film/backers/

We were unable to fulfill our “top secret campaign launch” as planned, due to permit issues. Our team is still assessing new opportunities and we will send updates via email, as well as post on our Kickstarter campaign page once we have any confirmed plans.